Hawg Dawgs was opened in 2006 by its original owner, Jeff Solari, a long time local to the area who was widely known for his passion for food and his culinary creations. The restaurant was loosely based on a biker theme even boasting the Harley Davidson orange and black décor inside though welcoming to all for a casual, light-hearted, social dining experience. Jeff was dedicated to serving fresh food using quality, fresh ingredients for gourmet hot dogs, burgers, and many other menu items. 


Under new ownership since 2018, Hawg Dawgs remains to be a casual, social place to eat for lunch and dinner. The new owner Louis Menard has added his own style of hospitality and passion for dining service. With less emphasis on the original biker theme and more emphasis on a social atmosphere and evolving the menu, Louis has enjoyed adding some higher-end menu options, improving existing menu options, adding TVs, building patio dining, increasing seating inside, working with local wineries, designing a menu for pups, hiring live music, increasing hours of operation, and involving the restaurant in local events.

Louis was born and raised in Canada and has lived and been involved in the Valley Springs community for just over 20 years. When people come into the restaurant, his goal is for them to feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment they walk in.